Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Currently Reading

I thought that this might be a cute weekly or however often you finish a book and start a new one meme.The title of the book is ''Julie of the Wolves'' by Jean Craighead George and this is a very short read but it is a classic but it has wolves and it won a Newberry Medal so I told my mom that  the next time we went to Barnes & Noble I was going to buy it.Well she was nice enough to pick it up for me and it was $2 because it has a freakin dot on it.So yea I believe it is a children's or middle grade.So yea I thought I would just update yall or whoever you are and I will have up 3 or 4 videos this week and is there a certain tag you want me to do.If so comment below and I will get to it.Thanks

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